Behind Culbuto Original, two lovers of life and ... in life.

Imaginative acolytes, curious, they share the same ideals and are not afraid to think outside the box provided as long as it’s together!

Commercial agent for brands specialized in the environment of the early childhood, it is almost 20 years that Sandrine, cultivates her taste for the decoration of your cherub's rooms, scrutinizing the trends "From all over the World!
It was undeniably missing something ...

Professional photographer, Stéphane was at first specialized in advertising pictures and then later it's in the universe of the children's fashion that he perfected his art. It's an informed eye!

The duo is formed in the summer of 2012 ... It's a “tiger team” and in 2016 they create La Kumpania of Sandrine.

Multi brands sales agency, the company also distributes European products.
The activity is prolific, the tempo is steady but ... the desire to complete the offer of their partners by launching their own brand is emerging, insistent ...

The discovery of a first culbuto in an old cardboard that belonged to the great-grandmother of Claudine but jealously guarded by one of Eugene’ uncles piques their curiosity, makes them crack ...

They search, delve, they empty attics and finally gather a small collection of these happy sound toys called Culbutos!

Ils cherchent, fouillent, vident les greniers et rassemblent enfin une petite collection de ces joyeux jouets sonores appelés Culbutos !

Playing reissue ‘card, Sandrine and Stéphane aspire to evoke some “Madeleines de Proust” but especially leave a chance to perpetuate the magic of this unique object!

Icing on the cake as they prefer the singularity, they also spoil us with limited editions!